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No Notification

From the Aljan site we did not receive an email notification for entry ID 79 or 67. This is a major problem because a customer up loads files but nobody knows that are here and they sit for days

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  1. CCWebDev on June 28, 2018 at 11:11 am


    Regarding ticket id #79, perhaps Nora’s email address caused an issue with the originating/sending email has the same in its domain possibly bouncing it to SPAM.

    Has Nora received email notifications in the past? I wouldn’t think so as I see at least 12 file upload notifications in the File Upload entries.

    RE: ticket id #67, same concern…there are multiple entries for Amanda Stefl. Can’t imagine emails did not send prior to ticket id#67.

    Need to confirm you received email notifications for ticket id’s 45 & 52 as these were both from Amanda as well.

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