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File Upload Message

We have a customer that received the following message
arrowhead saloon 4.23.180cal Aljan the upload file is not allowed. Must be one of the following ai,bmp, dmg, doc, docx, eps, gif, indd,jpg,pdf, png, psd, qxd, qxp, tif, xls, xlsx, zip

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  1. CCWebDev on April 25, 2018 at 9:37 am


    It’s possible your client was using the Chrome or Safari internet browsers and they were seeing the ‘cached’ version of the site as it was before I updated the code to allow .ai files through. They can clear their browsers cache and upload the file again.

    I confirmed .ai files are uploading and also sent a test form with 3 .ai files attached using the File Upload form on the McAdams website.

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