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-200 Error with .zip file upload

We received this error after the file uploaded
Error: -200, Message: HTTP Error., File: files

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  1. CCWebDev on June 7, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    Hi Jamie,

    This -200 error is a general error with no clear explanation. In my experience it’s relative to the end user’s computer. Without access to the actual sending computer, I can neither troubleshoot nor diagnose the issue accurately.

    We use the same file upload service on the website and indeed have noticed a select few (less than 1%) of clients who have received the same error. Again, this is a general error and difficult to diagnose, especially if the same client has successfully uploaded .zip files in the past.

    I can say this error happens with .zip files more than any other type which leads me to conclude something wasn’t packaged/zipped correctly (i.e. long file names, unrecognized characters, etc.) originally.

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